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About us

Our family has always had dogs, and dogs have always been close to my heart and a part of my life. My history with dogs started in 1995 when the first dogs came in our family. They were two siberian huskies. So, we had two sleddogs and a new hobby with them. It was much easier to buy a new adult siberian husky to teach them what to do, so we had our third siberian husky. Three wasn't enough so we bought a new siberian husky, and another one and another one....
My mother started to race with the siberians and she also started to breed siperian huskies to a kennelname Kukanoksan. Now she has ten siberian husky litters, the first one was born in 1998 and the last one ten years later in 2008. She also won gold in a sleddog race Finnish Championship competiton, silver and bronze also. She was fourth in the sleddog race World Winner competition in Germany.
A Siberian husky is a primordial and an arctic breed and they have something that still makes my heart jumping. When i was young, i knew that some day i will have dogs and a kennel of my own and i'm a breeder.

Neppi, Alona and Jalo -12

Make has had one dog when he was young but otherwise he has had more cats than dogs. When I came to his life, we have had only dogs. Make dreams about a career to be a dog trainer.

Our kennel is located in Jokioinen, countryside, where we live with our two daughters and the dogs. Our place has named to Sudenpesä (= wolf's lair) and consequence of that we had our kennelname Harmaasuden which means "greywolf" in english.

My first own dog was a siberian husky, Caveris Indy. Indy still lives with me and my family. He's now almost 13 years old! My second dog was a siberian husky too, Kukanoksan Tähti. Tähti is Indy's son and he is still alive but he lives with my mother and runs as a part of her racing team. Tähti was the leader of the team which one won the Finnish Championship gold! Tähti is also Finnish Working Champion.

When I moved away my homely home I got one dog more. It was a mixed breed, Unto. Unto was the dog of my life! Sadly we loss him when he was only four years old.
In 2007 we made a holiday trip in Lapland where we met our fourth dog. It was an alaskan husky Bambi from kennel Hopevuoren. We loss her only 7 months old by an accident.

In a siberian husky race I saw a woman who had a scottish deerhound. I fell in love of that dog! I decided that some day I will have my own deerhound! But i never got a deerhound... I found something better, an irish wolfhound!

In 2009 we got our first Irish wolfhound, Oscailte Aon Nola. Second IW was Filomeides Kearney. Our first IW litter was born in 2012 and one bitch, Harmaasuden Alona stayed at home.

On the left; Indy, Jalo, Neppi, Alona and our daughters in a winter -12 and on the right Neppi, Lumi, Alona and our daughters in a winter -13

We were thinking to import an irish wolfhound from abroad. We started to find a combination which one feels right to us and is good to our pack and support our breeding methods. First we had some bad luck but finally we found a lovely breeder, gorgeous dogs and the best of all, they were going to got puppies soon. In this case too, we almost had some bad luck again but finally everything went well and we reserved a puppy in this litter. Thanks for the lovely breeder Anna for our little girl Team Moalands Ever Dream.

In the end of the year 2012 our very good friend told us that she has mated two of her bitches with the same male. Both of the bitches are from very interested compinations in my opinion, and also the male is interesting in many ways. But we decided that we couldn't take a new puppy now. Then I saw the puppies and I thought that all the puppies looked very nice. So I started to think if we could take a bitch. When the puppies was about 8 weeks old I saw them throught the internet with web cam. I fell in love (again) in one of the puppies and it was a boy! So we took the boy, De Majodian Highlander.

Usually I'm very careful when I start to look for a new puppy, but now I wasn't. In the facebook I saw a photo of the puppy and a text "available". I couldn't understand that one so gorgeous puppy is still available. I wrote to the breeder and asked is she really available. But I told to the breeder in the same message that I could not take a new puppy. The breeder told me so much of that lovely puppy and of course I asked a few things about her etc. After we had sent a few messages to each other the breeder told us that her very good friend is going to travel to Finland and if we want, the friend could bring a puppy to us. So the puppy came to us, Irish Queen Vom Alpetal. Thank you for the breeders, Melitta and Jürgen for this lovely little girl and thanks for trusting us! 

As breeders we especially want to pay attention to the characters and the health. We use all of our irish wolfhounds in health examinations where they will get an eyes examination and a DCM examination (ultrasound, auscultation, EKG).
Our puppies will move to their new homes at the earliest 8 weeks old. They will live with us all the time and get use to the different sounds that are a part of life. The puppybox where our puppies will born and sleep their nights is placed near to our livingroom. They always will get a lots of attention and will get touching for us and our children. When puppies will move to their new homes they are fed well and take care with love, they will be registered, checked by a vet, PSS tested, wormed, and ID-marked. We will feed them only with a high quality puppyfood which is meant for the large breeds. 
As a new puppy owner you will get a manual made by us, you will get a health certificate made by a vet, a certificate for a PSS test, a puppy package which include toys and a bed etc. and the most important thing, you will get a support for us. We have had a lot of new friends who owns a puppy breeded by us. We want to share joys and sorrows with you and we would like to give advices for you if you need some.
The most important thing when we find new homes is a good home where the puppy can live as a part of the family.

We performed a breeder's basic course in 2010 and we got our kennelname in 2011. The first litter was born in 2012, Harmaasuden A-litter.

We are members of the Finnish kennel club, the Finnish Irish wolfhound club, the Finnish Siberian husky club and the Swedish Irish Wolfhound club.

~Jutta Venhola, February 2014

Kennel Harmaasuden
Jutta Venhola & Markus Salola
040 829 1506 / Jutta , 040 720 0032 / Make

Our daughters and Harmaasuden A-litter in a summer -12