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15.12.2013 Finnish Winner 2013

Aarre, De Majodian Highlander JUN EXC1 CQ  BM3 RES-CAC -> Finnish junior winner 2013 !!

Judge: Rajic Branislav, Slovenia

14.12.2013 Nordic winner 2013

Aarre, De Majodian Highlander JUN EXC1 -> Nordic junior winner 2013 !!

Judge: Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland

13.12.2013 Helsinki winner 2013

Aarre, De Majodian Highlander JUN EXC2 CQ

Judge: Bråthen Ulf, Denmark

18.8.2013 Tallinn INT, judge: Inga Siil, Estonia

Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC1 CQ BB3
Oscailte Aon Nola "Neppi" CH EXC1 CQ CACIB BB1 BOB

17.8.2013 Tallinn INT, judge: Andre Van Den Broek, The Netherlands

Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC1 CQ JUN-CAC BB2 => New EE JCH !!!
Oscailte Aon Nola "Neppi" CH EXC1 CQ RES-CACIB BB3

3.8.2013 Turku Nat

Our lovely Alona was the only dog who got an excellent in Irish wolfhounds. So she was BOB and got her first CAC!

Judge: Markku Mähönen

Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC1 CQ BB1 CAC BOB

Alona follows her fater's footsteps and got her first CAC from Irish wolfhound breeder Markku Mähönen

21.7.2013 Finnish Irish wolfhound Speciality

Team Moalands Ever Dream "Lumi" BIS-puppy
De Majodian Highlander "Aarre" BOS-puppy

Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland

29.6.2013 Tuusula dog show

Neppi got her last CAC and became Finnish champion!!

15.6.2013 Armi is now the rehabilitation and therapy dog!!

Harmaasuden Ailish "Armi" and her friend Ebba has finished their training for being a rehabilitation and therapy dog.
They wait to got a job with children and elderly.

The text and the picture: Owner Sini

Thank you Sini, we are very proud of Armi!

31.5-2.6.2013 The trip to Estonia

We had four great days in Estonia! At the weekend there were three dogshows
and we had registered Alona, Neppi and Jalo in every shows. We didn't have
any expectations, we only hope that the trip will be nice and we going to have good time with an other IW people.
However the trip was very succesful and went over expectations, with the show results too!
The whole weekend was culminated on sunday to the Estonia winner show´s results!!

FRI 31.5.2013 Estonia Irish wolfhound speciality
Judge: Knut Olav Wille - kennel O'marksbay, Norway

Jalo, TLNW-13 Filomeides Kearney VG
Alona, TLNJW-13 TLNW-13 Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC1 CQ BB3 JUN-CAC BON-JUN
Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola OPN EXC2 CQ

TLNJW-13 TLNW-13 Harmaasuden Alona BB-3

What a great day we had and this all feels much better because the judge is an irish wolfhound breeder.
On the right BOB-jun TLNJW-13 TLNW-13 Harmaasuden Alona, on the left BOS-jun Brimwolf's Amon Amarth.

I think we are just a bit crazy.....
The weather was quite awful. It was very rainy and it was a thunderstorm. Gladly, it wasn't like this all the time!

SAT 1.6.2013 Speciality show for FCI group 10, Estonia
Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland

Jalo, TLNW-13 Filomeides Kearney OPN EXC1 CQ BM4 CAC
Alona, TLNJW-13 TLNW-13 Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC2 CQ
Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola OPN EXC2 CQ BB2

Jalo on the move

Neppi on the move

Alona on the move

SUN 2.6.2013 Estonia winner -13
Judge: Stephen Wheeler, Sweden

Jalo, TLNW-13 Filomeides Kearney OPN EXC1 CQ BM2 CAC CACIB » FI CH EE CH
Alona, TLNJW-13 TLNW-13 Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC3
Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola OPN EXC1 CQ BB1 CAC CACIB BOB » EEW-13

On the left BOB Oscailte Aon Nola, on the right BOS Tinwhistle's Forte Piano

Big thanks to the hometeam who made this trip possible,
grandmothers who take care of our children, Jonna who take care of Aarre and Henri&Anu who take care of Lumi !

5.5.2013 Tampere INT

There were about 60 irish wolfhounds in the show. Only Neppi was
registered in the show for our dogs and it went very well!

Judge: Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden

Neppi, OPN EXC1 CQ BB3 CAC !!

4.5.2013 DCM examinations

Neppi and Jalo were DCM examination which including auscultation, ultrasound and EKG.
Both have healthy hearts with no cardiomyopathy changes. Neppi's heart is almost like same
condition what it was two years ago.

3.5.2013 Harmaasuden A-litter 1 year old!!

Happy birthday to Aasa, Taimi, Ilona, Taavi, Ahti, Onni, Alona, Tyyne, Armi, Sulo ja Aksu <3

14.4.2013 Tallinn winner -13

It was an incredibly wonderful day in Tallinn winner show!

Harmaasuden Alona JUN EXC1 CQ BB1 BOS JUN-CAC => TLNJW-13 TLNW-13
Jalo, Filomeides Kearney INT EXC1 CQ BM1 BOB CAC CACIB => TLNW-13

Judge: Berri Beare, Ireland

2.3.2013 Kaarina Group show for FCI 10

Long and buzy day in dogshow. As breeders we are very happy for the results!
This is a good start....

Judge: Felicity Thompson, Ireland

Neppi OPN EXC4

Tyyne, Harmaasuden Artis JUN EXC
Taimi, Harmaasuden Aurnia JUN EXC4
Aasa, Harmaasuden Ariana JUN VG
Taavi, Harmaasuden Anlan JUN VG

Kennel Harmaasuden BREEDER GROUP 2
The critique was very good without any reproof!

24.2.2013 Training for the dog shows

We had show training in our place. There were all these puppies who had registered to Kaarina's group show.
All puppies did it very well and they get the point. Now we just tense how all goes after a week.

Harmaasuden Anlan "Taavi" 10 months

Harmaasuden Artis "Tyyne" 10 months

Harmaasuden Ariana "Aasa" 10 months

Harmaasuden Aurnia "Taimi" 10 months

Harmaasuden Alona 10 months

On the left to the right Alona, Tyyne, Taimi, Taavi ja Aasa

19.1.2013 Turku INT

Neppi, OPN EXC2 CQ

Judge: Agneta Kappers, Sweden

The first show in this year started well. The judge was very strict and only few dogs got CQ.

28.10.2012 Lahti puppyshow

We had an absolutely fabulous day in Lahti! With us there were Alona's brother with his family.

Judge: Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Alona, Harmaasuden Alona BOB-puppy BIG4
Taavi, Harmaasuden Anlan BOS-puppy

Alona on the move in "the big ring"

BIG4 !!

4.10.2012 Health examinations

Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola: Eyes ok - no evidence of inherited eye diseases,
patellar luxation med. 0/0

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney: Eyes ok - no evidence of inherited eye diseases,
patellar luxation med. 0/0, heart auscultation - no murmur

3-4.8.2012 Sawo show Kuopio INT

We made a trip in Kuopio to our good friends. On next two days we went to a dog show. We had registered Neppi and Jalo.

FRI 3.8.2012

Judge: Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney JUN EXC1 BOB-JUN
Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola OPN EXC1 CQ BB3 CAC

Neppi had her first CAC when her puppies was only 13 weeks old!

SAT 4.8.2012

Judge: Malo Alcrudo Rafael, Spain

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney JUN EXC
Neppi, Oscailte Aon Nola ERI4

BIG THANKS to Anu, Henri, Jere and Taavi, who take care of
our Alona and Ulla and Janne, who let us live in their house for a while!

28.7.2012 Finnish Irish wolfhounds speciality

Judge: Vic Harrison

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney VG

There were over 160 dogs in the show, so the day was very long (and hot!).
Only Jalo was registered in the show but we had lots of to do because Alona and Taavi was with us too.
The day was very nice and the company was the best! Thanks for all!

22.7.2012 Finnish Sighthound club speciality

We had a very hot and long day in a dog show. There were 82 IW's which 32 was males. Unbelievable but true, Jalo got his first CAC!

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney JUN EXC1 CQ BB2 CAC

19.6.2012 Puppies 6 weeks!

All the pictures here

7.6.2012 Puppies 5 weeks

All the pictures here

31.5.2012 Puppies 4 weeks

All the pictures here

29.5.2012 Puppies first time outside

All the pictures here

24.5.2012 Puppies 3 weeks

All the pictures here

17.5.2012 Puppies 2 weeks

All the pictures here

10.5.2012 Puppies 1 week

All the pictures here

3.5.2012 The puppies are here!
Harmaasuden A-litter was born 3.5.2012. 11 puppies, 5+6. The mother and the puppies are all fine!
Pictures and more information in the Puppypage.

29.4.2012 Neppi 57 days pregnant

30.3.2012 Kennel Harmaasuden expecting puppies!

We went to a ultrasound with Neppi. In the monitor we saw lot of little paws.
We expect that puppies will born in early April, on a week 18.

All inquiry's are welcome, contact us by a phone 040 720 0032 / Make, or by an e-mail

sire: FI CH De Majodian The One
dam: FI CH EE CH EEW-13 Oscailte Aon Nola

Pictures of the parents and more information of the litter you can find in our Puppy page

This pic was taken at Neppi's ultrasound

24.3.2012 The presentation of the Irish wolfhound

Forssa's local petshop Musti & Mirri asked if we would like to came to present the breed Irish wolfhound.
Neppi and Jalo got a lots of cuddles.

3-5.3.2012 Neppi is mated

Neppi is mated with a very handsome male De Majodian The One,
called Froddo. Our trip went very well and we can't enough to thank
Pascale for her hospitality! Pascale's pack is wonderful, and we don't have
enough words to praise how gorgeous dogs she has!

Froddo melted our hearts, once again and we can't be praise this boy!
Froddo is a wonderful dog!

FI CH De Majodian The One "Froddo" 5 years old

3.3.2012 Kaarina Group show to FCI 10

Judge: Marja Salminen

Jalo's first official show was a group show in Kaarina. We didn't get there but Jalo did.
He got a ride from our good friends Jukka and Virpi, thank you!!

We also want to thank Kaija and Sara who take care of Jalo during the show.

Jalo, Filomeides Kearney JUN EXC4 CQ

Kuva: MacV